English Seminar in Switzerland by KISSsoft


Seminars to be held May 8-11 in Rapperswil, near Zurich, will be of great relevance to every person interested in machine design and calculations using KISSsoft, as well as for clients who have recently started to use KISSsoft. The gear calculation seminar is extended over two days, and Dr. Kissling–who is a member of the Swiss Standard Association–will teach a range of subjects including special know-how about properties of gears and how to take them into account in the sizing and optimization process. The third day will introduce attendees to the shaft and bearings calculations and other machine elements, as well as some basic functions of KISSsoft, such as material database and reports. The fourth day is dedicated to program KISSsys and will show how to model entire systems of machine elements, such as a gearbox or a powertrain. Details are as follows:

  • May 8: Theory of Geometry and Strength Calculations for Gears
  • May 9: Gear Design Determination and Optimization
  • May 10: Shaft/bearing calculation and overview of KISSsoft
  • May 11: KISSsys: modeling of a system of machine elements

    If you would like us to help you organize your travel plans and to make your stay in Switzerland easier, please contact us. We provide hotel addresses and timetables of trains from the airport at Zurich (approx 30mins). Evening activities will also be organized by the KISSsoft staff.

    To learn more contact Daniel L. Kondritz, national sales manager, at (815) 363-8823 or dan.kondritz@kisssoft.com. Visit online at [www.kisssoft.com], or download the registration form at [www.kisssoft.ch/english/seminare.htm].