See Sunnen SV-1000 Vertical CNC Honing Machine at IMTS


Sunnen’s new SV-1000 vertical CNC honing machine series is based on an innovative modular design, engineered to scale up from a single-spindle machine to a fully automated multi-spindle unit for ultra-precise bore sizing and finishing. The new machine will be demonstrated at IMTS in various configurations. Designed for part diameters of 3-65 mm (0.120-2.56"), SV-1000 series machines can size bores to accuracies of 0.25 µm (0.00001"). They are ideal for diesel fuel injectors, gears, small engine cylinders/connecting rods, hydraulic/pneumatic components, and medical devices in medium to high volumes.

The basic single-spindle SV-1000 module is designed from the ground up for future automation with removable side enclosure panels to facilitate flow-through part processing. It is available with a fixed tooling plate or servo rotary table with 12-position rotary air union for fixture control. An industrial PC control ensures reliability and an easy support path with software-based updates and commercially available replacement parts. The machine’s cast-polymer base provides excellent vibration damping and structural rigidity.

Fully automated versions of the SV-1000 can be specified with the servo rotary table or linear part transfer, integrated part handling systems, and up to four spindles. For unmanned cellular processing, the SV-1000 can be equipped with integrated post-process air gaging to provide closed-loop control of bore size and geometry, along with downloadable SPC data and feedback control. Post-process air gaging with one to four servo columns can provide size, taper, and straightness feedback control. Matched with Sunnen’s diamond-plated CGT Krossgrinding® tools or MMT TurboHone® multi-stone mandrels, the air gage-equipped machine can automatically control hole size to accuracies of 0.25µm (0.00001"), eliminating the need for a skilled operator to tweak the process. A match-honing package can also be added.

The new machine features two patent pending innovations: a servo-controlled stroking drive that responds smoothly to motion profiles generated by the control; and a load-sensing tool feed system that minimizes processing time by sensing where and how much to hone the bore. The new stroking drive provides the highest level of flexibility and consistency in spindle reciprocation to allow a new level of process optimization. Unique in the industry, it enables the SV-1000 to do both conventional honing and single-pass honing with any tool in Sunnen’s line, using available adapters, to give the machine excellent small-shop versatility and return on investment. The vertical design of the SV-1000 conserves shop floor space, requiring just 2400 x 2300 x 2700 mm WxDxH (95 x 91 x 107 in.). The high-torque, belt-driven spindle is rated at 7.5 kW (10 hp) to cover a wide range of sizing and finishing work at speeds of 100-4000 rpm. For custom processing cells, Sunnen can provide post-process inspection and sorting of parts to the submicron level, along with special tooling, robotic integration, part orientation, gaging, and other options integrated into purpose-designed system based on individual customer requirements.

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