Redesigned Keyway Machine from D.C. Morrison


The 3” keyseater from D.C. Morrison has been redesigned to offer greater strength and rigidity when machine keyways in various materials. Its back support bracket is twice the length of previous models, which ensures profile accuracy in difficult-to-cut materials. The machine has a hydraulically actuated overhead support and can produce keyways measuring as deep as 14” and in widths ranging from 1/8” to 3”. It features a PLC with intuitive HMI interface to enable quick programming.

Donald Clancey Morrison was sales manager and owner of the Sebastian Lathe Company in the forties and fifties when he recognized a growing demand for a less-expensive method of cutting keyways. This led to the design of the Morrison keyseater. In addition to the newly redesigned 3” keyseater, D.C. Morrison also supplies 1 1/4” keyseaters, cutters and broach kits for Morrison keyseaters, Schauer speed lathes, Morrison milling machines, precision milled screws, and parts for Burke milling machines and Logan lathes. For more information call (888) 246-6365, send e-mail to, or go online to [].