Quality Forged and Machined Products from Wright Source


Wright Source Manufacturing offers a complete manufacturing resource for high-quality forged and machined products. Its capabilities include finishing (deburring, polishing, tumbling), forging (impression die, open die, press, upsetting), grinding (centerless and flat or surface), heat treating (annealing and hardening) and machining (five-axis milling, milling, milling and turning, and turning). Other capabilities include coated abrasive polishing, vibratory finishing, and decorative nickel chrome or black oxide coatings, as well as, product assembly operations and custom packaging. Utilizing Wright Source Manufacturing capabilities reduces multiple outsourcing and lead times, improves inventory turns, and ensures on-time delivery. Products are manufactured in the U.S. on state of the-art equipment and use 100-percent domestic materials.

Wright Source Manufacturing has provided products to industries such as oil and gas, power generation, mining, aerospace, and heavy construction. The company has its own proprietary quality process, Perfecting Performance Quality Process (PPQP), which meets or exceeds ISO 9001 standards. For more information call (330) 848-0600 or go to [www.wrightsource.com].