PRODUCT SHOWCASE: New Mahr EasyForm 3.0 Software from Mahr


As dimensional metrology systems increase in accuracy and sophistication, they are more capable than ever of helping to improve quality and cut costs in production environments. Once there, however, they must often be run by operators who are not experienced in dimensional metrology procedures and are also doing a multitude of other tasks. That gap must be bridged by the operating software of the systems themselves according to Pat Nugent, vice president metrology systems at Mahr Federal. A case in point is Mahr’s newest EasyForm® Version 3.0 software for their MMQ Formtester line.

“Ease of use in software has become a key differentiator of advanced measuring systems,” Nugent says. “The easier the software is to operate and the more it can do, the more value these systems can bring to a production operation. When sophisticated measurements like cylindricity, roundness, and perpendicularity can be performed by machine operators right in production areas, they can save time, minimize scrap, and significantly reduce production costs.” To learn more call (800) 333-4243, e-mail, or visit [].