PRODUCT SHOWCASE: REGO PLUS Dual Contact Toolholders from REGO-FIX


REGO-FIX will highlight its REGO PLUS line of dual contact toolholders that are compatible with all BIG PLUS spindles and licensed by BIG Daishowa inside booth 706 at SOUTH-TEC 2011, taking place October 11-13 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The REGO PLUS product series includes a full line of ER system toolholders, as well as a full line of powRgrip system toolholders. All products in the line are made by REGO-FIX at its Switzerland manufacturing facility and hold to the strict Swiss standards that the company is known for. Additionally, the REGO PLUS line offers several advantages to manufacturers working with high precision milling machines equipped with the BIG PLUS system. These include  better TIR, improved tool stiffness, increased quality of surface finishes, and higher machine accuracies. More information is available at [].