PRODUCT SHOWCASE: High-speed In-line Contour Inspection from Hommel-Etamic


The new Opticline CA614 noncontact shaft measuring system is designed for fast, easy, economical, and robust submicron measurement of all contour features on complex shaft-type parts up to 600mm in length, 140mm diameter. The stroke is driven by a motorized tailstock, freely positionable over the full holding range, permitting easy, fast, and precise workpiece loading and holding. The value of the Contour Automatic series has been proven in automotive and aerospace applications, including carrier shafts in aircraft engines, drive parts in helicopters, and various rotor parts. In these instances, the system inspects length, geometry (angles, radii, etc.), form (roundness, run-out), and diameter in rapid cycles. Ease operation and programming, plus the system’s unique flexibility to measure any number of different part variations with little or no changeover, delivers maximum return on investment to manufacturers. Visit online at [].