PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Advance EDM Solution from Mitsubishi


MC Machinery Systems, Inc., introduces its newest FA30V Advance wire EDM for large-part manufacturers with the tallest workpiece capacity in the industry. The FA30V Advance uses a new inserted AT design and 16.5 inches of Z-axis travel, a maximum Z height of 26.5 inches can be achieved. The machine delivers another full inch of travel in the U/V, compared with previous models, at ±4 inches. This provides steeper taper angle capabilities. The machine incorporates Mitsubishi’s new advance CNC M700 series control with a 15-inch touch screen monitor for easy user interface and optimal programming functions. SL (Step Less) Control helps improve the accuracy when finishing stepped-shaped workpieces. Power Master (PM) Control enables full automation from rough to finish machining and makes machining multiple parts with varying thicknesses and shapes faster and easier, saving up to 50 percent machining time over previous models. Learn more at [].