Parts2Clean 2020: The international hub for component cleanliness

Parts2clean 2020 will provide users from all manufacturing sectors and reprocessing with specific and useful information about processes, methods, media, procedures, and suppliers. (Courtesy: Deutsche Messe)

For many high-tech applications in the fields of manufacturing and reprocessing, parts2clean is the chosen information and procurement platform for users of industrial cleaning technology.

The transformational wave sweeping across numerous industrial sectors and markets is presenting companies with new and ever-shifting challenges, including industrial component and surface cleaning. This trend is fully reflected by parts2clean 2020, to be held October 27-29 at Messe-Stuttgart in Germany.

A few examples that have triggered a number of far-reaching transformative processes in a wide variety of industries include new product requirements as a result of alternative drives and the turnaround in energy policy; innovative manufacturing technologies and processes, such as additive manufacturing, digital transformation, and AI; stricter regulatory requirements; and climate protection targets. Manufacturing steps such as component and surface cleaning are becoming increasingly important, both in production and in reprocessing. In short, component cleanliness is critical to the satisfactory quality of subsequent processes and for ensuring that products function optimally on a sustained basis.

The current changes under way in industrial component cleaning require sustainable solutions tailored to the specific range of products and tasks and to the individual situation. To make appropriate investment decisions, however, a comprehensive overview of development trends, technologies, methods, processes, and suppliers is necessary.

“In the field of component cleaning, parts2clean facilitates comprehensive monitoring in an effective and efficient way,” said Olaf Daebler, global director of parts2clean at Deutsche Messe. “It’s the world’s largest event featuring every aspect of industrial cleaning technology, with all the relevant suppliers on board.”

For 18 years, parts2clean has served as the number one information and procurement platform for users from a wide variety of industries and countries. The 2019 visitor survey revealed that for over a third of the trade visitors, parts2clean was their only source of input on available solutions. The percentage of attending professionals who play a role in their company’s investment decisions is above average at 86 percent. Three quarters of them indicated they had come to the show with specific investment and purchasing intent, with 39 percent indicating they were planning to invest more than $100,000. For participating exhibitors, this added up to very promising conditions for lead generation.

“parts2clean is attended by solution-seekers with specific objectives in mind. Within the following one- to two-year period, we’ve been able to generate orders from roughly 30 percent of the contacts made at the show,” said Karl-Heinz Menauer, sales and technology at acp Systems AG.

Spanning industries and technologies, the various solutions along the process chain of industrial component and surface cleaning provide users from all manufacturing sectors and reprocessing with specific and useful information about processes, methods, media, procedures, and suppliers. In addition, the upcoming parts2clean will focus on issues such as cleaning in optoelectronics, medical technology, and electronics manufacturing. Other topics featured at the 2020 flagship trade fair will include the automation and digitization of cleaning processes, the increasingly important removal of filmic-chemical contamination, precision cleaning and quality control in the cleanroom, and the selective treatment of functional surfaces.