Noah Goellner named president of Advanced Machine & Engineering

Noah Goellner

At Advanced Machine & Engineering (AME), Noah Goellner, the eldest son in the third generation of the Goellner family business, has taken on the role of president, effective January 1, 2024. He will be supported in his role by Dietmar Goellner, chairman and CEO, as well as Steve Schubert, chief operating officer. In addition, Noah Goellner will continue to fulfill his role as president of Hennig, Inc.

Within Noah Goellner’s role at Hennig, a sister company in the Goellner family portfolio, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership and a keen understanding of the industry. Under his guidance, Hennig has flourished, benefiting from his commitment to operational excellence and innovation.

Noah Goellner’s ascent to the presidency at AME marks a new chapter for the company. Drawing from his extensive experience in various roles across the organization, he brings a holistic understanding of the business. His unique approach, known as “The Goellner Way,” is a comprehensive business system tailored to the distinctive needs and values of the organization.

“The Goellner Way” is a model inspired by lean leadership principles, synthesizing industry-best practices to promote efficiency, innovation, and sustainable growth. This system has been successfully implemented within Hennig and is being refined for implementation at AME, showcasing his dedication to shaping a future of success for the entire Goellner family of companies.

The company looks forward to building on the strong foundation laid by two generations of the Goellner family and aims to continue innovating, growing, and reaching new heights.