New Jergens risers increase access for 5-axis applications

Jergens new three- and four-sided pyramid risers permit multi-part load and provide greater access for five axis machining applications. (Courtesy: Jergens Inc.)

Jergens Inc. has new three- and four-sided pyramid risers that permit multi-part load and provide greater access for 5-axis machining applications.

Part of the Fixture-Pro® line of quick-change modular workholding solutions, Jergens pyramids feature a 30-degree mounting surface to ensure maximum clearance for spindle and cutting tool paths resulting in more machining per setup.

The engineered solutions offer three versatile mounting options:

  • Direct-to-table uses T-slots, center pin, and timing key, and is secured using T nuts and socket head cap screws (SHCS).
  • QLS accurately locates and clamps the pyramid to a base element, such as subplates, using a combination of QLS shoulder screws and SHCS.
  • Quick-Loc™ pallet systems use pull studs (spaced at the industry-standard 96mm pattern) to locate and clamp in a single step. 

The lightweight aluminum risers are compatible with nearly all 5-axis CNC machining centers and ensure the fastest change over and setup times possible. Available in both three-position and four-position configurations, Jergens pyramid risers mate with many top tooling choices including self-centering vises, dovetail vises, and ER collet fixtures.