Learn to Reduce Die Soldering in Die Castings!


Aluminum has a high affinity for iron which can cause aluminum casting alloys to stick or solder to the die cavity surface. NADCA has created a webinar that will address the various factors that influence die soldering. These factors include die temperature, aluminum alloy composition, molten metal angle of impingement during fill, die materials and die coatings. In addition, ways to reduce the tendency to solder will also be discussed. This webinar covers the following topics:

• What is die solder
• Adverse effects of solder
• Factors that influence solder tendency
• Mitigating die solder

This webinar will take place on January 10, 2013 at 12PM (CST). The cost is just $39 for Corporate Members and $89 for Non Corporate Members. Attending a webinar is an excellent way to obtain vital information without the hassle or cost of travel. These 60-minute presentations will not only address important information on the topic but also provide adequate time for questions, answers, and discussion. To register for this webinar please visit: www.diecasting.org/webinar.