Atlanta Gear Works earns Timken Platinum Certification

Atlanta Gear Works gearbox repair and manufacture company reached Timken Platinum Certification. (Courtesy: Atlanta Gear Works)

After eight years as a Timken Bearing Certified Shop, Atlanta Gear Works has earned the highest status possible — Platinum — for 2019-2021 with an almost perfect score of 96 percent.

Only 15 other facilities reached Platinum status during this period.

The certification is the result of a continuous process consisting of six to ten visits per year by a Timken Certified auditor, who looks at all aspects of gearbox rebuilding in the shop, in addition to general shop maintenance. A complete audit every two years results in a certification status.

According to the award letter sent to Atlanta Gear Works president Jack Conway, Atlanta Gear Works received its highest scores in the following areas:

  • Lifting tools.
  • Bearing inspection area.
  • TRBs rotated during adjustment.
  • Verification for bearing seating.
  • Bearing fitting practices adequate on TRBs, SRBs, CRBs, BBs.
  • Inner and outer race seats inspected for size and form.
  • Housings and shafts properly cleaned prior to bearing installation.
  • 12-point inspection completed on shafts and housings and tracked for each job.
  • Calibration of tools.
  • Overall cleanliness.

“They’ve been in it since 2013, and they consistently get better with every shop audit,” said Timken Certified auditor Allan Johnson.

“Shop certification provides our customers with the confidence that every gearbox we build for them is built to the highest bearing standards to extend the life of the bearing,” said Conway.

Atlanta Gear Works designs, engineers, builds, rebuilds, and repairs heavy industrial gearboxes for some of America’s leading manufacturers with the goal of minimizing and preventing downtime. It also repairs other process-critical rotating equipment and continues to grow its field service division to provide extensive field machining and repair.

Atlanta Gear Works also has a full in-house machine shop where it cuts spur, helical, double-helical, and worm gears; rebuilds all brands of gears and gearboxes; and creates new gears and gearboxes from both samples and prints.

Available 24/7, AGW crews will work overnight when necessary to fulfill the company pledge, “Any make, any model, anytime, anywhere, repaired or reverse-engineered to equal or better quality. Guaranteed.”