Kashima’s plastic bearings offer increased application possibilities


Anticorrosive, chemical resistant, nonmagnetic, and lubrication-free, Kashima plastic bearings are uniquely designed to meet the varying and long-term demands of a wide range of applications.

Kashima Bearings Inc., the leading manufacturer of plastic components in Japan, is known for its plastic bearings which are hand-machined to the highest precision standards. Dimensional tolerance, linear thermal expansion and water absorption characteristics of plastics are thoroughly evaluated with each design. Kashima offers the widest range of standard bearing shapes and types in the industry, as well as quick and accurate production of custom bearings.

Based on years of experience and expertise, Kashima selects the best-suited materials for bearings to the users’ requirements, including super-engineering plastic. For example, PTFE or UHMWPE is selected for chemical environments due to their corrosion resistance and non-absorbency. PEEK and PPS are used for various applications for their high chemical and heat resistance and dimensional stability.

The unique properties of Kashima plastic bearings make them ideal for use in a range of applications, including the wet environment of the food-processing industry. As Kashima plastic bearings do not require grease or oil, they meet the clean-room demands of the semiconductor industry, and they do not rust when exposed to chemical cleaners or rinsing water in semiconductor applications. The non-magnetic design of Kashima plastic bearings also makes them suitable for use in medical equipment or control units where the development of any static and noise should be prevented.

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