KAPP NILES ZP 12, KX 260 TWIN, and RPG PM 750/1250


Two new Kapp Niles gear grinders and the latest portable gear inspection system from R&P Metrology GmbH will be introduced at IMTS 2014 (Chicago-Sept 8-13) in the KAPP NILES booth N-7036. The ZP 12 marries the best of the ZE and ZP series machines to offer a compact yet highly productive solution at a great value.  The KX 260 TWIN has extended the application range of the „TWIN“ series to include long shafts typical of truck transmissions. R&P’s RPG PM 750/1250 is the first portable gear checker/CMM with dual functionality for use in the lab or on the production floor.       

The new KAPP NILES ZP 12 provides the range to grind any gear diameter up to 1,250 mm with a fully dressed grinding wheel. The direct drive tool spindle has increased power, and the dual dressers shorten dressing time. Hob cutters and worms can now be ground and measured on this machine. The intuitive software is enhanced to speed the setup and optimize stock removal.  Spend time with KAPP Technologies‘ applications engineers, to see just how easy it is to operate the ZP 12.

The new KAPP NILES KX 260 TWIN is built on a shared modular platform with 500 mm axial travel.  The machine includes two identical workpiece spindles, arranged at opposite sides of an indexing table for absolute shortest cycle times.  A special feature of this machine is the process flexibility for profile and generating grinding two gears on one shaft, in one cycle.  Dressable or CBN plated wheels can profile grind up to module 10 (2.5 NDP) gears.  Dressable worms grind gears up to 5 module.  KAPP CBN plated worms are utilized for gears with constraints for normal grinding.  

R&P Metrology’s RPG PM 750/1250 is a ground breaking and flexible solution for measuring larger gears on production machines that may not have on-board inspection. The design makes it moveable within the plant.  The optional “docking station” with granite base and rotary table allows the PM 750/1250 to become a stand-alone, fully featured four axis generative gear inspection machine when not required for portable measurement.