Index Develops New G200 Turn-Mill Center


Index has developed a new generation of its turn-mill center G200, a compact machine offering higher performance in the same footprint as the earlier generation. The redesign resulted in an increase of the maximum turning length to 660 mm, a higher performance milling spindle, and expanded live tool complement as well as the XPanel with i4.0 readiness.

The result is a machine that is geared to the needs of the market, offering flexibility and high-speed machining of both bar stock and chuck parts complete in one setup.

The machine bed is arranged vertically, making the machine stand higher, but extending in the work area, thus permitting second lower tool carrier to increase the productivity of the machine. Reducing cycle times by 30 percent compared to the first G200 generation is well within the bounds of possibility with appropriate workpieces, according to Index.

The fluid-cooled main and counter spindles are designed identically and feature a bar capacity of 65 mm (chuck diameter maximum 165 mm). Their motorized spindles allow productive turning machining with a power of 31.5/32 kW (100-percent/40-percent duty cycle), a torque of 125/170 Nm and a maximum speed of 6,000 rpm.

The G200 has three tool carriers so tools can be assigned to almost any machining type on the main and counter spindles independently. This means great flexibility for the programmer in organizing the machining steps.

Due to the large work area, it is even possible to work with three turrets simultaneously on the main spindle or counter spindle, without them interfering with each other. One example: The lower right turret with an angular tool can machine the inside of a workpiece clamped in the main spindle, while the other lower turret and the upper tool carrier machine the outside. The same is also possible on the counter spindle. This increases the possibilities to use three cutting edges simultaneously, in some cases even four tools.

 The two 14-tool turrets are arranged in mirror image, each with an independent Y-axis (+/- 45 mm). All tool stations can be equipped with live tools. Tools with internal coolant supply (up to 80 bar) can be used as well.

A special feature is the upper tool carrier, which has an additional Y-axis (+/- 65 mm) and a 360-degree swiveling B-axis. It is designed on one side to provide an added 14 tool positions and has a milling spindle on the rear. Its drive delivers speeds up to 7,200 rpm (power 22 kW, torque 52 Nm at 25-percent duty cycle). The upper turret head can be swung into a horizontal position about the B-axis and then moved into the work area up to a position of 30 mm below the spindle center. In this position, the turret can machine toward the main or counter spindle, or even simultaneously depending on the application. This position is often used to perform face machining with straight tools.

A feature of the lower tool carriers are the “parking positions.” The turrets are designed to move to the left or right to a position that is outside the work area, avoiding risk of collision. This allows the other tool carrier to work absolutely freely over the entire turning length. Also, the 845 mm slide travel of the upper tool carrier is dimensioned in the Z-axis so that the tool covers the complete turning length of 660 mm — without having to rotate the B-axis by 180°.

The Index Xpanel® i4.0 ready control concept of the new Index G200 generation focuses on productivity and ease of use. To facilitate the handling of the control, numerous control elements of the machine operating panel have been integrated into the screen, where they can be operated directly on the 18.5” touchscreen with visual support. And the remaining keys on the machine control panel have been provided with LED backlighting for a better user dialogue.

But the Xpanel® i4.0-ready operating panel does even more. Besides ease of setup and operation of the machine, it provides the option to display the control screen in a second view. Using this second page, Xpanel® i4.0 ready can, for example, display the Index Virtual Machine (VM) simulation directly on the machine (option). 

The operator can quickly switch between the control screen and the On-board Virtual Machine and uses the simulation either independently or coupled with the current machine operation. In Crash Stop Mode, if a virtual collision is detected, the running workpiece program is stopped before the actual crash, preventing any damage, and in RealTime Mode, the machining process can be observed in real time simultaneously on the machine control panel.

Another new feature is the openness of Xpanel® i4.0 for information technology (IT) extensions. The VPC box (industrial PC, option) can be used also for any other type of customer application. With such a directly networked control, any information and application can be retrieved from the company and operated on the machine.