GMTA to present Profilator® at Motion + Power Technology Expo

GMTA will feature its Profilator® line of gear pointing, rounding, cutting, Scudding®, Hard Scudding®, deburring, and polygon machine tools for North America at Motion+ Power Technology Expo. (Courtesy: GMTA)

The Motion + Power Technology Expo is the ideal show for gear, electric, and fluid power industries. GMTA is among exhibitors at the Detroit event on October 15-17.

GMTA will feature its Profilator® line of gear pointing, rounding, cutting, scudding®, hard scudding®, deburring, and polygon machine tools for North America. The highly modular machines are used for polygon and slot facing, shifter stop machining, chamfering, and deburring of highly complex automotive and other powertrain gears. The scudding and the hard-scudding process sets the Profilator apart in the market because of its manufacturing efficiency. Hard scudding allows the machining of green and hardened gears on the same machine, using the same programs. Furthermore, it is a superior technology to skiving, the previous technology used in the gear industry.

While Profilator GmbH & Co. KG introduced the concept of hard scudding in 2015, it expanded scudding technology with micro-finishing. Micro-finishing takes place after the hard-scudding process has been completed. The process takes a high-quality hard scudding part and improves its surface quality. Additionally, this is a completely “dry” machining process and requires no cutting fluids or MQL technology. The total cycle time for finishing a ring gear via hard scudding and micro-finishing is approximately 64 seconds but the cycle time could be decreased by 10 percent, keeping it under one minute for all automotive gear rings.

Micro-finishing technology is aimed at making a quieter gear, and the superfinishing process reduces friction, increases pitting resistance and the life of gears. This process uses a high-quality diamond plated tool, designed to remove only a small amount of part material. The resulting part greatly increases surface quality on the gear teeth.

The micro-finishing technology can be applied as a stand-alone process on a scudding machine, a sequential process where hard scudding and micro-finishing are completed using a tandem tool set-up or it can be applied on a double Profilator machine. The processes of hard scudding and micro-finishing can be completed simultaneously.

GMTA will be at booth 4439.