Gleason sets stage for future virtual shows with successful ‘emotions’

Gleason Corporation’s ‘emotions’ virtual show included an extension of the event due to great demand. (Courtesy: Gleason Corporation)

Gleason Corporation’s first-ever virtual show, called ‘emotions’, drew visitors from 39 countries representing manufacturers from all the major gear industries. The 12-day global event will serve as the launch pad for subsequent Gleason virtual events, making it easier for visitors around the world to engage on the most important gear technologies and developments.    

‘Emotions’ showcased the latest gear technology innovations for cylindrical and bevel gear design, manufacture, and inspection. Visitors from around the world accessed four showrooms with different themes, ranging from e-drives to industrial gears, closed loop manufacturing, in-process inspection, and detailed gear noise analysis.

Each showroom was accompanied by a special event presentation by an industry expert. After each opening event, participants could browse through the respective showrooms to experience the featured technologies, with or without a guided tour. Gleason’s technology experts and product managers were available through the duration of the virtual event to answer questions and provide additional information.

“We thank the many customers that joined us for this special event,” said Christian Albrecht, director corporate marketing at Gleason Corporation. “While we were unsure about what we could expect from a digital show, we are extremely pleased with the positive feedback from our global customer base. We are already in the planning stage for adding additional capabilities and new content for future events. For those that were not able to participate, some of the content is available on our website or can be obtained by requesting through our global sales network.”

Dates for upcoming Gleason events including the Gear Trainer Webinar Series, online training, trade shows, and more are available on the Gleason Corporation website.