Gleason celebrates its 100th gear trainer webinar

Gleason’s popular ‘Gear Trainer’ webinar series continues with new gear-related topics after presenting its 100th webinar. (Courtesy: Gleason)

Gleason’s popular Gear Trainer Webinar Series achieved a significant milestone September 24 with the presentation of its 100th webinar: “State-of-the-Art Gear Shaping.”

Since the first Home Trainer Webinars began streaming in March 2020 due to strict COVID-19 conditions, more than 10,000 participants have attended Gleason’s Home and Gear Trainer Webinar Series. Direct feedback from participants praises the educational value of information presented and comments on how they expect to translate this learning experience into improved designs, manufacturing and inspection of gears and driveline solutions within their respective organizations.

The “State-of-the-Art Gear Shaping” Webinar deals with the flexible production of different batch sizes and gear types, such as external and internal gears or special workpiece geometries with interfering contours. They will demonstrate typical applications for the gear shaping process and present the latest developments to improve productivity and bring simple and flexible manufacturing to your gear production.

The 100th webinar also marked the start of the next series of Gear Trainer Webinars. Ten new webinars will be presented live on Thursdays, leading up to the winter holidays. These webinars will continue to cover current topics relating to gear technology, including carbide tools, plastic gears, power skiving, hard fine machining, measuring technology with and without laser, gear design, new gear concepts for e-drive systems, automation, and much more.