Siemens offers Machine Tool Days 2020 online

Siemens’ new digital native CNC — Sinumerik One will be highlighted at Siemens’ Machine Tool Days 2020. (Courtesy: Siemens)

Siemens will host “Digitalization in Machine Tool Manufacturing — Thinking Further” to explore new ways machine tool manufacturers can increase productivity and accelerate business.

Online on October 15, there will be two audience tracks: Machine Tool Builders and Machine Tool Users. Attendees will learn about the benefits of machine tool digitalization and participate in various expert technical sessions. The highlight of the event will be the unveiling of the first digital-native control system, the new Sinumerik One CNC.

Both audience tracks begin with “Digitalization in Machine Tool Manufacturing — Thinking Further.” The session will provide a dialogue between Rajas Sukthankar (vice president, Siemens Motion Control US) and Brian McMinn (head of Siemens Machine Tool Systems US) as they discuss the progression and proven benefits of digitalization. Overviews of new solutions and manufacturing technologies will also be presented.

The agenda for machine tool builders includes:

  • How to enter the future now with Sinumerik One.
  • How to benefit from edge computing on the shop floor.
  • How to support customers through remote diagnostics.
  • Summary, key take-aways, closing.

The agenda for machine too users includes:

  • How to start digitalizing your production.
  • How to optimize job preparation by using digital twins and resource management.
  • How to increase productivity with advanced CNC technology functions.
  • Summary, key take-aways, closing.

After Siemens Machine Tools Day 2020, expert technical sessions will be available on demand, any time. Topics include:

  • How to digitalize and optimize production with Siemens’ comprehensive service offerings.
  • How to use the full potential of robots in machine tool systems.
  • How to run tomorrow’s CAD-CAM-CNC processes, today.
  • How to use smart finance solutions for pay-by-click systems.