EMO Hannover 2019: Klingelnberg brings new impetus to robot, aerospace industry

VIPER 500 MFM for cycloid gears. Visitors to the EMO can learn more about Klingelnberg’s innovations Hall 26, Booth B110. (Courtesy: ©Klingelnberg)

Klingelnberg, the mechanical engineering company specializing in gear and transmission technology, is celebrating several premieres at EMO Hannover 2019 in September.

With the VIPER 500 MFM, the company is entering the cycloid gearing market, setting new standards in efficiency in the robotics industry. The Oerlikon G 35 Bevel Gear Grinding Machine also helps achieve this. With it, the manufacture of aviation gearing really takes off. Other trade fair highlights include the Speed Viper2 80, the P 26 precision measuring center with integrated optical measurement, and the P 16 for complete measurement of rolling bearings including roughness measurement.

Organizers say even more exhibitors than attended two years ago will be presenting at EMO Hannover 2019 from September 16-21. The mechanical engineering company, Klingelnberg will use the platform to demonstrate innovative pioneering achievements. In particular, the gearing specialist will showcase the development of a new market, cycloid gearing. With the VIPER 500 MFM, the company is entering this sector and thus opening up new perspectives for the robotics industry. Klingelnberg has also launched a new product for the aviation sector in the form of the G 35, which will undoubtedly provide new impetus in terms of efficiency. The new machine design for the 5-cut method with its further developed dual-spindle concept raises the production processes in this area to a new level.

While this year’s EMO underlines the company’s claim to position itself as a platform for networking in production with the new IoT exhibition area, Klingelnberg already has various solutions in the trunk that can be used to easily and effectively implement Industry 4.0 processes in production. The Speed Viper2 80 dual-spindle machine not only offers significantly lower auxiliary times than those known on the market, it is also optimally designed for the production environment of Industry 4.0. The cylindrical gear machines from Klingelnberg can be networked directly with precision measuring centers such as the P 26 exhibited at the trade fair.

With the VIPER 500 MFM, Klingelnberg enters the market with a pioneering technological achievement. The company is entering the field of cycloid gearing and thus also the world of robotics. Trade fair visitors will be able to see the machine live in action for the first time at EMO Hannover 2019. Thanks to sophisticated technology, the VIPER 500 MFM often eliminates the need for the time-consuming and costly measuring and pairing of components.

To obtain cycloid gears with good running qualities and high load-capacity, extreme precision is required when manufacturing the gearings and the base body. Because the high accuracies cannot be adhered to with standard machine tools available on the market and typical machining sequences, the components are measured and paired according to their tolerance situation. This means high additional costs and tremendous logistical effort in production and assembly. Klingelnberg is breaking new ground in cycloid gearing machining with the newly developed VIPER 500 MFM. For the first time, the company has developed a machine that makes it possible to comply with these tight tolerances, allowing for significant cost reductions.

With the Oerlikon G 35 Bevel Gear Grinding Machine, Klingelnberg has implemented a new machine design for the 5-cut method. As a result, the manufacture of aviation gearing as regards efficiency is really taking off. To achieve this, the system provider has combined proven technology with new ideas. This requires the consecutive machining of convex and concave pinion flanks, with different tools and different machine settings. Due to complex certification procedures for aerospace applications, changing to another gearing is not an option. However, the Oerlikon G 35 Bevel Gear Grinding Machine makes the production of aerospace gearings more efficient. With its two vertically arranged grinding spindles, it is specially tailored to these requirements. In contrast to older dual-spindle concepts with fixed grinding spindles, the G 35 is equipped with two grinding heads that are capable of being positioned independently of each other, allowing maximum flexibility. The high rigidity and thermal stability ensure optimum machining results and, with the advanced vertical concept, grinding sludge deposits in the working chamber can be avoided. The machine’s operating concept is based on the forward-looking KOP-G software interface, which is operated intuitively via a high-resolution touch screen.

Klingelnberg also provides tailor-made solutions for the automotive industry. At the EMO, Klingelnberg will present the Speed Viper2 80 Gear Generating Grinding Machine for workpieces up to 80 mm. The dual-spindle concept of the Speed Viper2 is especially designed to meet the productivity requirements of the automotive industry and its suppliers. While the Höfler Cylindrical Gear Grinding Machines in the single-spindle version stand for high flexibility and short set-up times, the dual-spindle machines are designed for large series and minimum cycle times. The dual-spindle machine has two workpiece spindles in the turret, which enable simultaneous loading and unloading of the toothed gear during the grinding process. Thanks to its extensive experience with large, directly driven workpiece tables, Klingelnberg has been able to develop an innovative drive for the turret. With an outside diameter of 320 mm and a width of 200 mm, the grinding worms ensure a long tool life while minimizing auxiliary times for tool changes. Thanks to the innovative automation concept, Speed Viper2 80 not only offers significantly lower auxiliary times than those known on the market – it is also optimally designed for the production environment of Industry 4.0. The system supplier’s unique developments now make it possible to network a cylindrical gear machine directly with a measuring device.

With the P 26, Klingelnberg will be presenting a precision measuring center which is designed for future-proof quality management of gearings in the context of Industry 4.0 processes. The fully automatic CNC-controlled P 26 precision measuring center is designed as a compact unit for the workpiece diameter range up to 260 mm. The machine and software concept are optimized for the measurement of complex drive components using a technology that replaces up to six conventional measuring devices: gear measurement, general coordinate measurement, form and position measurement, roughness measurement, contour measurement, and optical measuring technology. Optical measurement in particular is a new, extremely powerful option for precision measuring centers and has been available since the end of 2018. It includes the Hispeed Optoscan optical sensor with a rapid change feed unit, the software for sampling, and visualizing the measured point cloud.

All Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Centers have the capability to accurately analyze and measure rolling bearings and rolling bearing elements to an extremely high degree of precision. The P 16 combines the coordinate, form and roughness measurement, including the functionality of a contour graph in a fully automated measuring run. Based on the manufacturer’s data and specifications, automatic measuring runs and clear, conclusive protocols are created automatically in compliance with current standards and regulations.

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