Ecoclean solutions for efficient and sustainable parts cleaning

Based on standardized modules, the plug-and-play cleaning system UCMSmartLine is a freely configurable and cost-effective solution for various precision cleaning tasks. It can be easily adapted to changing cleaning requirements or market conditions at any time. (Courtesy: Ecoclean)

Increasing demands in component quality and resource efficiency, as well as rising product diversity are calling for more flexible and sustainable solutions for parts cleaning. Ecoclean is answering these requirements with several innovative parts cleaning solutions. Two of them, the EcoCvelox and the UCMSmartLine, were presented live at September’s IMTS event.

Regardless of the industry sector, parts cleaning is one of the critical processes in manufacturing today. Due to increasing demands on component quality, new products, changed manufacturing, coating and bonding technologies as well as modified materials, the requirements for particulate and film-like cleanliness are constantly rising. These specifications must not only be met in a stable manner, but also economically and sustainably. Ecoclean and UCM — the division of the SBS Ecoclean Group specializing in high precision and ultra-fine cleaning — are responding to these requirements with a future-oriented range of solutions.

EcoCvelox is the all-around talent for deburring, cleaning, and drying on a 15-second cycle. When machining components, e.g. for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, pumps and valves, transmissions, and other mechatronic systems, it is inevitable that burrs are left on the component. Due to stringent specifications regarding deburring and technical cleanliness, they have to be removed, as well as residues of the machining media. As a cost-efficient solution for mastering these tasks, Ecoclean offers the innovative EcoCvelox with an integrated, highly dynamic linear transport system.

It combines 5-axis high-pressure deburring with various part-cleaning technologies such as flood washing, spraying, targeted rinsing, and ultrasound and drying processes (e.g. high speed blowing and vacuum drying) in an efficient and space-saving way. The modular design allows the user to configure individual systems that merge high-pressure deburring, part cleaning and drying, and to expand them as needs evolve. The standard modules are rated for parts measuring 200 x 200 x 200 mm which are supplied on pallets. Processing of parts is done in cycle times of 15 seconds per pallet. A CAD/CAM interface is integrated for quick and easy programming of high-pressure deburring — either with a single spindle or a high-pressure turret with up to five tools.

UCMSmartLine is the smart plug-and-play solution for precision cleaning. Companies in a variety of industries are facing increasingly stricter requirements regarding particulate and film-like contaminations. In order to meet these high demands, precision cleaning machines and processes tailored to the specific cleaning tasks are necessary. The development and manufacturing of such cleaning solutions is a core competency of the Switzerland based UCM AG. With the UCMSmartLine, the company introduces a highly flexible and cost-effective solution. Thanks to its cleverly designed modular concept, highly-compact ultrasonic multi-chamber immersion cleaning systems can be individually configured for preliminary, intermediate, and final cleaning and adapted to changing cleaning tasks or market conditions at any time. The ultrasonic cleaning modules, which are heated and fitted with a filter circuit as standard, can also be adapted to suit a wide range of applications. This is enabled by the use of single, dual as well as multi-frequency ultrasonic units. The parts are dried by infrared radiation heat, hot air, or under vacuum. Depending on the application, these drying technologies can also be used in combination. Inside the plug-and play machine, the parts are conveyed by a standard automatic transport system with servo drive.