DN Solutions introduces the high productivity SVM 5100L

With the addition of the SVM 5100L to DN Solutions’ lineup, customers can now choose between different sizes of SVM models. (Courtesy: DN Solutions)

DN Solutions (formerly Doosan Machine Tools) introduced the newest member of its family of vertical machining centers. The new SVM 5100L is the big brother of the SVM 4100 and fits into the company’s lineup between the DEM and the DNM series.

“The SVM 5100L is another example of DN Solutions filling every niche our customers work in,” said Andy McNamara, vice president of sales and marketing at DN Solutions America. “As more die cast components are used in higher production environments, the demand is growing for high-speed, light cutting applications. The SVM 5100L incorporates a traditional C-frame design structure that is optimized to meet those needs. With its addition to the lineup, customers can now choose between different sizes of SVM models. And of course, for more robust materials, the best-selling DNM line is always available.”

Like its smaller 4100 sibling, the SVM 5100L’s performance has been optimized to provide shorter cycle times by reducing the acceleration/deceleration times of the XYZ axes and spindle, thereby minimizing non-cutting time. The 25 hp (18.5 kW) motor on the SVM 5100L turns the spindle at a speed of 12,000 r/min, which generates 70.5 ft-lbs (95.5 kW) of torque. The X- axis travel is 50” (1,270 mm), and Y- and Z-axis travel is 20.1” (510 mm). The maximum table capacity is 1,763.7 lbs (800 kg) and the rapid feedrate is 1,417 ipm (36 m/min).

Despite its attractive price point, the SVM 5100L is not a stripped-down machine model. This VMC is packed with standard features that other machine tool manufacturers often charge extra for, including a CAT 40 BIG-PLUS spindle system, through spindle coolant, and a double-arm ATC with 30 tools.

A FANUC 0i-Plus control with iHMi touchscreen interface is also included in the base price. It has AICC II and nano interpolation built in to allow a faster, more accurate profile and finish.

“The SVM series stands out because it has much more to offer when compared to the other options available in the marketplace,” McNamara said. “Not to mention, the machines are made with the quality standards you would expect from DN Solutions.”

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