Jergens offers washdown tool to save time, increase machine use

Jergens new Washdown Tool provides 360 degrees of spray to wash away chips at scheduled intervals in between machining cycles. (Courtesy: Jergens Inc.)

Jergens introduces its new Washdown Tool, a clever device that provides 360 degrees of spray using coolant flow to wash away chips from exposed surfaces. The in-between-processes tool is programmed inline (as with any standard tool) after a predetermined number of machining cycles. The tool provides thorough chip removal from the many exposed surfaces inside the machining area. In turn, this saves time for operators by reducing the time spent cleaning chips from a machine interior, workpiece, or workholding setup.

The unit uses multiple spray nozzles on its circumference, providing a steady and pressurized stream. Each nozzle can be plugged or opened to create customized spray patterns. Added spindle rotation ensures that coolant reaches virtually everywhere inside the machine. Residing in the tool changer, and programmed just as any other, the Jergens Washdown Tool is deployed periodically at scheduled intervals. This automation shortens cleaning time and supports long machining cycles, even lights out manufacturing periods when no operator is present.

“Any aspect of the machining process, even something as simple as cleaning chips, that can be made more systematic and repeatable will allow for greater productivity and reduced scrap,” said Mike Antos, Jergens workholding product manager. “The washdown tool is another way of helping them (customers) achieve that.”