Caddis Systems will demo machine monitoring solutions at IMTS

Caddis Systems machine monitoring uses a durable device and intuitive dashboard to increase overall equipment efficiency, reduce downtime and predict maintenance intervals. (Courtesy: Caddis Systems)

Caddis Systems will bring its machine and process monitoring solutions to this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show September 9-14. Caddis uses a durable shop floor device and intuitive dashboard for real time monitoring, providing operators and managers with multiple opportunities for increased overall equipment efficiency (OEE), reduced downtime, and planned maintenance intervals. Company representatives will give live demonstrations every day of the show at Booth #135947, highlighting the systems’ capabilities across numerous industries and applications.

“The Caddis solution is easy to install and offers measurable ROI with quick payback,” said Chris Moore, Caddis Systems’ vice president. “With different ways to connect to machine and equipment networks, users can choose the setup that works best for them, knowing they’ll get a constant stream of live data and be alerted of any deviance in performance.”

The device is proof-tested for many thousands of cycles and made from a sealed aluminum casting to withstand elevated temperatures and remain fully functional in every type of equipment environment including those that may contain salt, gasses, dust, sand, and other elements. Modular add-ons are available and allow users to customize the device with features such as a thermocouple expansion, accelerometer expansion for vibration monitoring/analysis, and infrared temperature expansion for non-contact temperature monitoring.

The user-friendly software compiles streaming data into a single integrated system that monitors any machine regardless of brand or type, offering a common set of metrics that are user defined. The system is easily expanded and scalable to keep pace with growing production capabilities and facilities.

Caddis Systems uses software engineering and manufacturing experience to leverage its machine and process monitoring solutions for increased customer efficiency, productivity, and maintenance precision.