AMF tools available from Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc.

Marking tools from AMF, foreground, and cleaning tool, background, are now represented in North America by Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc. (Courtesy: Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc.)

Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., the North American importer of precision live tools, angle heads, and multi-spindle drill heads, has immediate availability of marking and cleaning tools from European partner Andreas Maier, under the AMF brand.

Preben Hansen, president of Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., said, “This development brings additional products to our current customers and responds to the market needs for quality marking and cleaning tools for workpieces in CNC machining,” he said.

AMF marking tools are used for the permanent marking of workpieces made from all types of metal and thermoplastic substrates. They are typically mounted in toolholders for use in the spindle of a CNC machine tool. Marking surfaces is achieved by a combination process of pressure and material displacement. These tools can function with or without rotation and usually without height adjustment on the spindle, resulting in a high-speed, highly efficient marking process and no degradation of the substrate. Very thin material as well as cylindrical workpieces can be easily marked, using AMF tools. Cost savings are said to be substantial, compared to conventional marking or labeling. A key design feature of the AMF marking tool is its needle, which achieves the surface marking with clarity and at high speed.

AMF cleaning tools are used for the cleaning of workpieces, tooling and the interior of CNC machines. They are typically clamped in toolholders and mounted directly onto the machine spindle. Using through spindle coolant or compressed air, the cleaning tool removes swarf and other debris from workpieces, clamping tools, rotary tables, and other fixtures before the next workpiece blank is loaded. The machine spindle can remain stationary or in slow rotation mode during the cleaning process. Models are available in horizontal or vertical styles to suit the machine spindle configuration and feature adjustable jet nozzles for precise cleaning and coolant or compressed air conservation. Kits can be furnished complete with tools, gauge, and all fastening hardware or sold separately.

These new products from Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc. are available immediately and are described in the literature available on request or at the company website.