Our processes are patented chromium alloy treatments that have characteristics far superior to conventional coatings in terms of extended life and cost efficiency. Equally important, the Iosso Metal Processes can be applied to all ferrous based alloys, referred to as the IOSSO-FE Process and most uniquely to zinc die castings, referred to as the IOSSO-ZN process.

The Iosso Metal Processes benefit manufacturers who require parts to have increased hardness, extended wear, lubricity and corrosion resistance. It is heat resistant, non-magnetic and static free. The IOSSO-FE and IOSSO-ZN coverage is uniform over complex shapes without build-up on sharp edges or corners.

We service a wide spectrum of industries such as automotive, injection molders, fabricators of shafts, gears, cams, dies, rollers, valves, blades and slitters. Our ability to provide consistent quality, added value and superior delivery has resulted in us being chosen as a single source supplier by many of our customers. We are ISO certified, our registration is ISO 9001:2015.