DMP Cryosystems, Inc. originally known as Durable Metal Products, was founded in 1994 as a manufacturer of cryogenic tempering equipment after the three principle partners discovered that no other manufacturer produced equipment that met their high level of standards and needs. Since then DMP Cryosystems continues to lead the industry in product innovation and service.

The CryoFurnace™ is the first and only cryo processor available with a temperature range of -300°F to 1200°F. All CryoFurnaces offer load sensors and atmosphere control as standard equipment. The CryoTemper™ (-300° to 550°F) continues to set the standard for which all other systems are judged. It remains the most efficient and versatile cryogenic tempering processor on the market. In 1996 we introduced the CryoSwitch™, the first and only automatic liquid cylinder-switching device. The CryoSwitch has been received with open arms in a wide range of industries; from the tool and die industry to the pharmaceutical and biological research industry. In 200,1 DMP Cryosystems entered into a strategic partnership with a major manufacturer of liquid nitrogen storage and delivery systems. This agreement has allowed us to offer complete turnkey systems to our customers.

Today, the partners continue to apply over a century of combined foundry and metal fabrication experience meeting the needs of our customers worldwide through innovation and value.