Surface Coating

Scuffing Resistance of Isotropic Superfinished Precision Gears

The high performance required from aerospace gears places stringent requirements upon the metallurgical quality, geometry, and surface finish of mating […]

Stress in Diamond-Coated Cutting Tools

Diamond coatings have been increasingly used in cutting-tool applications. Coating delamination is the major tool failure mode and occurs due […]

Surface Enhancement: The Mikronite Process

Friction and wear can be found in every moving object, from the cars we drive to the lifesaving devices used […]

Coating Applications for Spur Gears

Introduction The power density of a gearbox is an important consideration for many applications and is especially important for gearboxes […]

A Green Light to the Future

Imagine curing the coatings on your gears with the flip of a light switch, and being able to handle and […]

Harnessing the Horsepower Thief

Microscopic examination of the traditionally ground tooth surfaces of automotive transmission gears reveals a micro-roughness and unidirectional pattern corresponding to […]

Proven Processes for Improving Parts

It’s rare to come across a manufacturing process or method that first promises multiple increases in productivity, and then delivers […]

The Pressure’s On for Decreased Distortion

Many manufacturers [1] have reported that low pressure vacuum carburizing (LPC) has resulted in less distortion on gears than atmosphere […]

Making a Case for PVD Recoating Systems

Muncie Power Products, Inc., of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been in the auxiliary power business since 1935 and started manufacturing Power […]

Softhoning for Hard-Turned Steel Gears

Introduction Most applications reserved for flexible honing tools have restricted themselves to removing peaks, torn and folded metal, or other […]

It’s All on the Surface

As manufacturers look to reduce cycle times, costs, and to improve the life of their products, many variables are considered […]

Laser Heat Treating Advances for the Gear Industry

Laser technology has been used for many years with much success in industries such as power generation, hydraulics, hand tools, […]

PVD Coatings for Improved Gear Production

Low-temperature Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coatings show proven functionality, both in increasing the performance of cutting tools used to machine […]

Surface Coatings for Superior Gears

For special applications, PVD coatings are now applied on a small scale. The coatings that are mainly applied so far […]

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