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Metal to Plastic Conversion

Measuring Root/Flank Stress in Plastic Gears

The number of plastic gears used in different applications is increasing every year, mostly due to their cost effectiveness for […]

Numerical Thermal 3D Modeling of Plastic Gearing

This paper will primarily focus on the prediction of gear temperature of plastic gears using a numerical heat transfer model […]

Advantages of Direct Gear Design For Automotive Polymer Gear Drives

Invention of the gear-generating machining process that uses the gear rack shape tooling cutting edge (as shown in Figure 1) […]

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Gear Molding – Where It’s Heading

Plastic gears are growing larger, more precise, more complex in geometry and more powerful. High performance resins and long-fiber compounds […]

A Plastic Gear Design Update

Plastic gears have a long history in autos, appliances, office equipment, tools, and elsewhere. Designers continue to extend their use […]

Exploiting the Potential of Plastic Gears

Plastic gears afford appliance designers dramatic opportunities to reduce drive cost, noise, and weight. However, due to the properties of […]

Advances in Molded Polymer Gears

The performance of molded polymer gears continues to improve with new design solutions, improved materials, and higher-accuracy molding. As a […]

Take a PEEK at Polymer

Much has been written about PEEK polymer’s ability to withstand extreme temperature environments and other key properties including strength and […]

Molded Plastic Gear Design

Gear design and development is a complicated art. Ignore or miscalculate the operating and environmental effects and the likely result […]

A Study in Asymmetric Plastic Spur Gears

The basic weakness of plastic spur gear teeth is tooth fracture brought on by the accumulation of stress at the […]

Noise Reduction in Plastic Gears

Gear noise reduction is best addressed in the design phase. Establishing optimized tooth counts, ratios, pitch, pressure angle, helix angle, […]

Tooth-Bending Effects in Plastic Spur Gears

This paper describes the investigation of a steel-plastic gear transmission, using both numerical (FE) and analytical methods. The aim was […]

The Next Frontier in Gear Testing

Having pioneered the science of polymer gearing, Kleiss Gears continues to focus on improving the state of the art. In […]

Measuring Excellence in Polymer Gearing

At Kleiss we refer to polymer gear making as a “subtle science and exacting art,” and 20 years of experience […]

The Team Approach to Precision Plastic Gearing

Since antiquity, gears and gear systems have constantly been developed and improved. This continuing process includes the evolution of plastic […]

A Proven Process for Plastics

It’s an old problem: the common condition of misaligned mating parallel-axis (spur and helical) gear tooth surfaces. The solution—new to […]

Tips for Tougher Molded Plastic Gears

Molded plastic gearing is rapidly becoming a real contender in moderate power gearing applications. Custom gear design, precision molding equipment, […]

Successful Plastic Gear Conversions

The conversion of a steel gear set to plastic is not a slam-dunk operation. A gear designer who is proficient […]

Engineering Principles for Plastic Gears

Since founding Timco in 1967, I’ve been riding a steep learning curve regarding plastic materials and the machine parts that […]

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