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Prediction of Airborne Radiated Noise from Lightly Loaded Lubricated Meshing Gear Teeth

Automotive transmission gear noise has received increased attention in recent years. The phenomenon is considered as a major noise source […]

The Impact of Surface Condition and Lubricant on Gear Tooth Friction

The most exhaustive experimental study quantifying gear tooth friction is by Yoshizaki [1], in which spur gears with various geometries […]

Application of a Unique Anti-Wear Technology — Ion-Sulfurized Lubricating Gradient Material

History Of Ion-Sulfurized Lubricating Gradient Material (LGM) Technology In modern industry, large fraction of machinery components, including gears, splines, and […]

The Efficiency of a Simple Spur Gearbox — Thermally Coupled Lubrication Model

Introduction The efficiency of drivetrain components is quickly becoming a significant research area pushed by the intensifying quest for improved […]

Proactive Contamination Control for Industrial Gearing

No matter what industry you serve, there’s a good chance that gears and gearing are critical to your process. In […]

Purchasing Gear Lubricants: Be Careful When Playing the Numbers Game

An assumption has been made that anyone reading this has a basic knowledge of most gear types and their geometric […]

The Anatomy of a Lubrication Erosion Failure: Causation, Initiation, Progression, and Prevention-Part II

As a result of our evaluation of the pit type defects observed on all of the Cameron Pinion Shaft teeth, […]

The Anatomy of a Lubrication Erosion Failure: Causation, Initiation, Progression, and Prevention: Part I

Material science is the oldest of all science and engineering disciplines. It is not an overstatement to say that materials […]

Energy Efficient Industrial Gear Lubricants

The use of energy has propelled the world from earliest civilizations, through the industrial revolution, to the current technology enabled […]

Gear Lubrication-Gear Protection Also At Low Oil Temperature

In practice, industrial gears are often operated with lower oil temperatures than would normally be generated in a fully-loaded gearbox. […]

Understanding and Preventing Surface Distress

In many industrial applications that have lubricated rolling/sliding contacts such as rolling bearings, power density has steadily increased over time […]

Gear Lubrication – Stopping Micropitting by Using the Right Lubricant

Micropitting formation is often reported to occur in field applications even though industrial gear oils with a high micropitting load-carrying […]

Protecting Massive Gears

As a manufacturer of motor oils and additives, LIQUI MOLY specializes in the automotive sector and is the most popular […]

Magnetic Filtration Technology

Wind power is the world’s fastest-growing source of renewable energy that is capable over time of significantly reducing our dependence […]

Essential Lubrication Aspects

Empirical studies prove that 70-85 percent of the expected life cycle costs of a machine are determined during its development […]

Running Gear Drive Repairs

When it comes to repairing the tooth flanks of large girth gear drives, repair lubrication provides a number of advantages […]

The Benefits of Bio-Based Lubricants

If your company is interested in increasing factory throughput, reducing tool costs, and improving product quality in a safer environment, […]

Synthetic Gear Lubricants Go Green

With global industry moving toward environmentally friendly “green” lubricants, some very challenging issues have been created for lubrication in gearing […]

Best-Practice Gearbox Lubrication

Modern gears are performing heavier work and carrying greater loads than ever before. Gear manufacturers are redesigning, modernizing, and using […]

Nanomaterials for Gear Lubrication Solutions

In this article we report on a new product, NanoLub, which is used as a performance-enhancing additive to gear lubricants […]

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