Synthetic Intelligence Technology Pushes Ingersoll Cutting Tools Company to New Limits


Ingersoll Cutting Tools has long been one of the world’s leading suppliers of metal removal tooling. Since their first cutting tool patent in 1889, Ingersoll has strived to provide the most innovative and productive metal removal solutions on the market. They pioneered the development of indexable carbide end mills and were the first ones to introduce the on-edge insert configuration. Bob Arndt, manager of carbide manufacturing in Rockford, Illinois says, “We take great pride in producing a quality product supported by superior service to our customers.” To advance its grinding capabilities and improve the working environment, Ingersoll Cutting Tools has switched to Sinto-Grind IG, a synthetic based grinding fluid, to ensure reliable high quality and improved performance.

The Rockford plant is a significant US manufacturer of industrial tungsten carbide high-feed inserts for the automotive, aerospace, and agricultural industries. “We have invested heavily in leading edge CNC equipment to retain our quality edge and delivery promise.

“The key to manufacturing a good tool,” Arndt says, “is in controlling the grinding process through a variation of principles. Our tools need to have a long life that starts with a clean, chip-free cutting edge. Therefore, close monitoring of the grinding speeds/feeds, grinding wheel, and especially the grinding fluid, is critical.” Synthetic grinding fluids developed and produced by oelheld U.S., Inc. coupled with a clever filtration system, meet the demands of Ingersoll Cutting Tools exactly. With the installation of a fine filtration system and a switch to SintoGrind IG, a high-performance synthetic grinding fluid, new benchmarks have been set in carbide production at Ingersoll.

The benchmarks are:
• No cobalt leaching on the surface of the ground inserts
• 80% less oil consumption
• Wheel life increase
• 5% faster machining on light sharpening applications
• 30% faster machining on heavy fluting and top and bottom grinding
• Easier cleaning of the working equipment (electrostatic mist collectors etc.)

These benchmarks, among others, help to generate a much nicer, cleaner, and healthier working environment at Ingersoll Cutting Tools. For additional information please visit or