Sunnen SV-200 Vertical Honing System Features Precision Stroking


The SV-200 Vertical Honing System, from St. Louis-based Sunnen Products Company, features a new tool stroking system that delivers exceptional control and higher accuracy in bore size and finish. Sunnen’s new stroker design for the SV-200 delivers a consistent crosshatch pattern throughout the entire bore length. This design allows the machine to dwell in any part of the bore, end-to-end, to selectively remove stock for the straightest, most precise bore possible.

The SV-200 incorporates a Windows-based control system with drop-down menus displayed on an easy-to-use industrial PC touch screen color display. Storage capacity for job setups is virtually unlimited. Operators may select from a variety of languages when operating the control system. For fast and easy setups, the SV-200 has a three-axis hand wheel control. This allows operators to quickly "fine tune" the vertical stroke position and honing tool feed position.

A 7.5 hp (5.5kW) spindle motor and powerful tool stroking motor makes it possible for the SV-200 to handle almost any job. It is ideal for precision, medium- to high-volume production honing of bores between .750" (19 mm) to 8" (203 mm) diameter. Features and technology available in the SV-200 are unusual for a system in its price range.

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