LMT-Fette Announces New Series of Single-Blade Reamers


The new SBR series of single-blade reamers from LMT-Fette features fine radial adjustment for superior hole accuracy and compensation after regrinding. The SBR features optimized two-point cutter clamping, ensuring precise support for cutting inserts and allowing for superior repeatability. Extra-wide guide strips, consisting of specially developed ultra-fine grit carbide, allow for use in areas which, until now, were exclusively reserved for PCD guide strips.

The SBR comes equipped with a coolant valve, making the machining of blind- and through-holes possible with one tool. Internal coolant supply can be controlled by simply turning the routing valve. The new series combines the affordability of a cutting tool with the efficiency of an adjustable reamer to offer both cutting and reaming capabilities.

LMT-Fette blends precision European engineering with application expertise, resulting in advanced metalworking solutions that increase uptime, productivity, and product quality. The company stands at the forefront of metal cutting technology with its new milling, turning, tapping, thread rolling, and gear cutting products.

For more information call (800) 225-0852, or send e-mail to lmtfette@lmtfette.com. The company’s Web site is [www.lmtfette.com].