Schunk offers fast, efficient lathe setups, changeovers

The Schunk Rota THW3 chuck with quick-change jaws and patented sealing ensures consistent clamping forces, long maintenance intervals, and a high reliability. (Courtesy: Schunk)

The new Schunk Rota THW3 is designed for machine shops looking to turn parts more efficiently, with lower maintenance time and costs, and precision clamping.

The Rota THW3 chuck with quick-change jaws has been completely redesigned to fit into today’s modern machine tool technology. Today’s machines allow multiple features for today’s manufacturing such as quick-change tooling, large tool storage, multi spindles, and modular machine controls. This technology creates a better experience for the customer by allowing for faster throughput, flexibility, and accuracy. The standard chucks that typically come with these machines are not up to the task with modern machine tool technologies and part demands. The Rota THW3 is available in stock from size 200-630mm.

The latest technology in the THW3 enhances these benefits with developments of its own that result in permanently high process reliability, constant clamping forces, and long maintenance intervals. The new engineered technology in the completely new design includes: 

ShieldLok: With ShieldLok, nothing gets in and nothing goes out. Fully sealed, this patented design results in lower lubricant consumption that reduces grease cost, eliminates coolant contamination, and reduces chuck maintenance costs. Less maintenance means less machine downtime and maintenance cost.

EcoForm: The THW3 has a lower profile for less tool interference. Material has been removed from the chuck, which results in a lightened load without impeding integrity. Due to the lighter weight of the THW3, quicker acceleration and deceleration speeds equate to faster cycle times.

PowerGlide: The double-guided piston of the THW3 is more robust and stronger, holding higher tolerance, resulting in the best repeat accuracy for jaw change and part changes.

VersaFlex: VersaFlex quick jaw change technology is ideal for small to midsize batch production. The ability to change chuck jaws in minutes with no reboring of the chuck jaws ensures maximum versatility and flexibility enhancing machine tool technologies. Minimizing the set-up time needed with most conventional chucks, the return on investment, and Quickfinder for chuck jaws: Searching for matching chuck jaws for the Schunk Rota THW3 chuck is easy with the jaw Quickfinder. It takes just four clicks to get to chuck manufacturer, chuck type, chuck size, and product details. The user receives a list of all matching chuck jaws from more than 1,200 jaw types of the world’s largest standard chuck jaw program from Schunk. The matching chuck jaws can be directly selected within the Quickfinder.