Rotary Broach News from Slater Tools


Growth in a variety of custom and specialty forms used in fasteners for the medical and aerospace industries is being supported by Slater Tools, Inc., through expansion of their hexalobular shaped rotary broaches. The contour of the hexalobular broach’s lobed recesses makes it a desirable form for fasteners. Like Slater’s popular line of standard hexagon and square rotary broach cutting tools, the six-lobe hexalobular insert is now available from stock for all Rotary Broaching Tool Holders. Rotary broaching cutters can be used on a lathe, horizontal or vertical mill, or screw machine to create hexagon, square, and other polygon forms in precision metal products. Common products include multiple aircraft and medical applications, such as bone screws. Broach tools (also known as wobble broach tools) for the hexalobular form can now be ordered from stock, improving production and prototype delivery times.

“Sometimes it’s hard to plan far enough ahead to get a specialty tool like a hexalobular broach when you need it,” says Marco LaChapelle at M&M Machining. “It will be nice to have them readily available from Slater Tools.”

Rotary broaching is a fast and accurate method of producing internal or external forms on the end of a workpiece while it is rotating. The entire operation takes seconds, and it is capable of producing accurate forms with close tolerances. Recommended tooth height for serrations, splines and other gear forms in most metals is between .010” and .025” . Tooth height in aluminum and brass may be as large as .030” .

The advantage of performing this operation is that it costs less than accomplishing the same result in a secondary operation. In fact, this operation can be overlapped with others to increase speed and profitability during production, without sacrificing accuracy. Unlike conventional broaching—which may push a series of forms that increase in size through a hole until the desired form is achieved—the rotary broach cuts the full form, one point at a time, in the first pass.

Fast delivery is available on all polygon forms, with standard hex, square, and now hexalobular broaches available from stock. Custom lengths are available, including 28mm. Rotary broaches can be produced from hardened high speed M2 steel, PM4, or T15 cobalt. Tool life on tough applications may be improved using coatings such as TiN, TiCN, and TiALN, available for all rotary broaches. Slater Tools has updated their online catalog, and provides courteous sales staff trained to answer questions about rotary broaching and tooling requirements.

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