Rego-Fix highlights high-precision toolholding at SATELLITE 2023


Rego-Fix will feature high-precision toolholding especially suited for the demands of satellite, telescope, rocket, and other sophisticated part production at SATELLITE 2023 March 14-16 in Washington, D.C.

The event is one of the space and satellite sector’s largest exhibitions, innovation platforms, and media events of the year.

Rego-Fix will feature high-precision toolholding in booth 2851 at SATELLITE 2023 March 14-16 in Washington, D.C. (Courtesy: Rego-Fix)

Rego-Fix will highlight its unique and patented powRgrip toolholding system developed for high-speed and high-performance cutting especially when working with extremely expensive part materials. The powRgrip system uses an automated or manual hydraulic tabletop press-fit assembly mounting unit, collets with high-precision tapers and factory-balance toolholders with matching tapers that enable tool changeouts in less than 10 seconds. Precision engineering delivers Total Indicator Runout (TIR) of less than 0.0001 inch, and precise length adjustment ensures repeatability of less than 0.0004 inch.

The powRgrip system has the industry’s highest-clamping torque rating of 1,100 Newton meters (Nm) and is completely safe for the operator without risk of injury from heat, pinch zones, and toxic fumes omitted from heat shrink units. PowRgrip provides flexibility, versatility, and efficiency for manufacturers working with aluminum, exotic alloys, and composite materials where error-free machining in the satellite and space industry is at a premium.

Rego-Fix powRgrip technology opens the door to a range of component fabrication applications from high-speed machining of aluminum parts to precision profiling and finishing of composite materials and small-diameter drilling and reaming operations in any material. Rego-Fix toolholding solutions are Swiss-made, perfectly matched components that provide optimal fit, accuracy, and tool life and maximize productivity, lower part costs, and shorten machining cycle times.