PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Emuge offers step drills for threading, circle segment cutters


Recognizing that most threaded holes require some type of chamfer, Emuge has developed a comprehensive carbide step drill offering of stocked cut and form thread drill diameters with varying step lengths. Customers can use a convenient on-line portal to select the correct drilling diameter for UNC, UNF, and M & MF thread forms. The web portal allows customers to view the range of step lengths available. Stock levels are available for immediate shipment, as well as quantities available from Emuge’s quick-shipment program with less than four-week delivery. EF Drill-C tools are coolant-fed carbide designs, and customers can order up to 10 or more pieces at the same price. They are great for short run jobs or production threading.

The advent of 5-Axis machining centers has opened up a new horizon for shops that are tasked with producing complex surfaces. When machining components for injection molds and turbine blades, ball nose and torus nose carbide cutters are the traditional method for milling large smooth surfaces. Emuge has developed a full line of tools for these 5-axis milling applications called circle segment cutters. These include solid carbide end mills with a taper form that can simulate a 250 to 500 mm radius cutter. Think of the difference between using a 1-inch diameter torus nose end mill as opposed to the same end mill with a 10-inch diameter.

Circle segment and taper form cutters can reduce cycle times by 70 percent or more as a replacement for traditional milling cutters.