PRODUCT SHOWCASE: A New Angle on HMC Spindles from MAG


MAG continues to follow “voice of the customer” input for the design of its modular HMC 1250 series with a new 180,000-position A-axis tilt spindle for five-axis horizontal machining on large parts. The new 6000 rpm/ 46 kW (61.6 hp) tilt spindle joins an all-around 10,000 rpm/ 56 kW (75 hp) spindle, high-speed 24,000 rpm spindle, high-torque 2600 Nm (1918 ft lb) spindle and two live spindles (110 or 130 mm diameter) as headstock options. The high-torque, 80 kW, spindle is especially suited for aerospace titanium cutting, while the live spindles extend W-axis reach by up to 800 mm (31.5 in), enabling deep cavity milling to high precision with shorter, more rigid tool lengths. Standard on the live spindle, MAG’s exclusive Z-axis thermal compensation software dynamically offsets spindle growth to maintain tight tolerances.

The HMC 1250 Series is engineered for high-precision, high-productivity machining of large aerospace, power generation, pump, valve, and off-road equipment parts. Major machine components, including the X-bed, Z-bed and column are cast ductile iron, with 1250 x 1600 mm pallets, headstock and rotary table housings of gray cast iron. Modular design provides a range of machine travels, 60- to 120-tool magazines and two control choices, in addition to five spindle options, plus tilt capability. To learn more go to [].