Philadelphia Gear Purchases Majority of GE Marine Gear Product Line


Philadelphia Gear Corporation (PGC) has announced the purchase of the majority of General Electric Corporation’s (GE) marine gear product lines. With the completion of this transaction PGC will acquire intellectual property, equipment, and transition assistance to broaden its existing capabilities to manufacture main reduction gear assemblies. The purchase does not include the “CVN-78” nuclear aircraft carrier product line, which will continue to be produced by GE.

GE has a backlog of business through the end of 2009 that will be completed at its Lynn, Massachusetts, facility. PGC will manufacture the new product lines at its existing manufacturing sites and will not be assuming any operation of GE’s Lynn facility.

GE is a primary supplier to the United States Navy and many foreign navies. GE’s principal designs in recent years have been the main reduction gears for the Navy’s Arleigh Burke Class DDG destroyer, as well as prototypes for the LCS class of ships.

PGC President and CEO Carl Rapp says “We are very pleased to announce this transaction. The GE assets that we are purchasing complement our existing military program business.”

PGC has been a supplier of power transmission solutions for more than 116 years and has been a provider to the U.S. Navy for over 70 years. Active PGC programs in support of the Navy include the main reduction gears for the San Antonio Class of amphibious warfare ships, known as the LPD (landing platform dock), as well as primary components for the Virginia Class fast attack submarine.

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