Parts2clean: Innovations, trends, know-how for cleaning of parts

A quality criterion and competitive factor, industrial parts and surface cleaning makes an essential contribution to value creation in manufacturing, remanufacturing, and recycling. (Courtesy: Deutsche Messe)

Parts cleaning is an essential component of quality-oriented and stable production in all sectors of industry.

Future industrial competitiveness will depend on the ability to meet new and ever-changing parts cleaning challenges in a process-safe, efficient, and resource-saving way. Parts2clean will present the appropriate solutions, trends, and know-how October 11—13 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center (Germany).

As a quality criterion and competitive factor, industrial parts and surface cleaning makes an essential contribution to value creation in manufacturing, remanufacturing, and recycling. Due to current product and manufacturing trends as well as the need to make parts cleaning more energy and resource efficient, companies are facing an array of challenges. In order to remain competitive in the future, it is important not only to know the current and future requirements for the surface quality of workpieces in all the different industrial sectors, but also to develop methods of improving sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

“Featuring the most comprehensive set of international offerings for all stages of the industrial parts and surface cleaning process, parts2clean is the world’s best information and procurement platform for this purpose,” said Hendrik Engelking, global director at Deutsche Messe. “For numerous companies, parts2clean is the event where they unveil their new and refined products and services to an international specialist audience.”

These include new and optimized system concepts for precision and high-purity applications in areas such as the optics and supplier industry for semiconductor technology, electromobility, and medical, measurement, and analysis technology. In addition, suppliers of cleaning technology are responding to the increasing requirements for particulate and filmic cleanliness, which can be seen in a number of industrial sectors, with new and optimized process and drying technologies for wet-chemical cleaning. Machine systems for effective, fast and efficient cleaning in remanufacturing, for example of engines, will also be presented.

Various new and further developments for dry individual part cleaning, which can be easily integrated into manufacturing steps such as coating, sealing, bonding and assembly processes – including in cleanrooms – will be on display at parts2clean. Exhibitors at parts2clean will also provide information on innovative approaches for integrating Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence (AI) with industrial cleaning processes. Participating companies will also be showcasing their new and refined solutions in the areas of cleaning media, bath monitoring and care, corrosion protection and packaging, systems for particulate and filmic cleanliness control, and cleaning and transport containers.

Another focus of this year’s exhibitor presentations lies in optimizing energy and resource efficiency. In addition to product solutions, this also involves services such as process analysis, which includes a close examination of upstream processes.

“In addition to the exhibitor displays, visitors can also gain a great deal of knowledge and expertise on component cleaning and the relevant trends via the sophisticated supporting program at this year’s parts2clean,” Engelking said. The special display titled “Parts Cleanliness – A Holistic View of the Process Chain,” organized jointly with the Cleaning Excellence Center (CEC), offers visitors an opportunity to follow the path to clean parts in a live, step-by-step process.

The three-day, integrated technical forum at parts2clean, with the technical coordination being handled by the Fraunhofer Cleaning Business Unit and the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT), has long been considered one of the key sources of knowledge and expertise on the world stage. The simultaneously translated (German <> English) presentations by well-known specialists from industry and trade associations, as well as from science and research, will provide knowledge and field reports on various topics and trends in industrial parts and surface cleaning, as well as on innovative developments in cleaning technology.

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