New Siemens gear motor drive offers control and safety, saves space

The Sinamics G110M motor-integrated drive for Simogear gear motors offers onboard safety features and communications. (Courtesy: Siemens)

Siemens introduces the Sinamics G110M, a motor-integrated drive for Simogear gear motors, offering flexible control, integrated safety, simple installation, and a space-saving design.

With a high degree of protection — up to IP66 — this new gear motor drive provides the perfect solution to most material handling-related challenges, including conveyors, warehousing, logistics, baggage, and cargo handling, post and parcel shipping, plus numerous industrial applications in the automotive, appliance, and test stand industries.

Simogear gear motors offer high torque density, low noise and high efficiency — and now with Sinamics G110M, it becomes easier for designers and system builders to integrate gear motors into a variety of control architectures. Plug connections for onboard I/O ensure fast installation, while optional power connectors deliver even more time savings. The system is delivered pre-configured and the drive offers simple yet comprehensive onboard diagnostic features. Options such as internal braking resistors and motor brakes — operational simultaneously — and integrated features such as “Quick Stop” and the limit switch function make this system ideal for conveyor applications.

For uses requiring safety technology, the Sinamics G110M offers integrated safety functions such as “Safe Torque Off” (STO), which can be activated via a fail-safe input or via Profisafe, without needing additional safety monitoring components.

Sinamics G110M features integral USS/Modbus RTU, Profibus and Profinet / EtherNet/IP communication profiles.