New Rockwell Hardness Tester from Newage Testing Instruments


Newage Testing Instruments, Inc., has developed a new Rockwell hardness tester for automatically performing hardness traverse sequences on larger and unmounted test samples with reduced labor costs and operator influence. A major advantage of the Rockwell test compared to other test methods is that the system has less mounting and less surface preparation requirements compared to systems using other test methods for traverses in applications like weld testing or effective case depth measurement.

The system uses a Versitron® Rockwell tester to make the indentations. The Versitron is completely unique in its ability to test samples that may deflect or settle slightly when test loads are applied, thereby eliminating the need for special fixturing on a wide range of test samples. This Versitron unit comes with a test platform using embedded rare earth magnets to hold test samples with parallel-faces. Optional fixturing capabilities can be provided. Vertical capacity adjustments are accomplished by adjusting the Versitron stand. A wide range of special features enable applications like dual traverses for welding or staggered test traverses for shallower effective case depth testing.

A computer is used to display the video input for positioning, initiate the testing, and control the test positioning through motorized X/Y tables. User-controlled setup files can handle an unlimited number of test sequences, and each have their own setup and data storage along with descriptive information for each test. Graphs and test reports are generated automatically, depending on operator selections. All software and the positioning equipment are made in-house by Newage so customization and technical support capabilities are maximized. Manual positioning systems with computer prompting are also available.

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