New In-Process Functional Gear Inspection Systems from M&M Precision


M&M Precision has introduced a new line of in-process inspection equipment for functional gear inspection. The systems are designed around a completely modular design concept, which allows for ease of integration to customer-specific applications.

The new product family is available in three distinct variants. The IPG-150AT offers a complete, 100-percent turnkey inspection solution, which incorporates full material handling for high volume production demands. The IPG-150SI is a robust, low-cost inspection alternative that allows integration to existing cell automation. The IPG-150SM is a semi-automatic solution offering a shop-hardened design and economical package for medium volume cell inspection.

All systems offer the capability to inspect features such as total composite, tooth to tooth, runout, and DOP, as well as lead variation, lead average, and lead taper when utilizing an optional Gimbal Head module. In addition, the ability to add part sorting and marking, remote diagnostics, SPC data collection, burnishing, and part washing allows M&M to offer a turnkey solution based specifically on application requirements.

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