Neugart now more choices for the perfect drive solution

Neugart has refined its range of coaxial planetary gearboxes. (Courtesy: Neugart)

Effective immediately, Neugart also offers a gear ratio i=8 for its precision gearboxes with helical gearing. Thus, the gear ratio range now extends from i=3 to i=100.

Neugart now also offers the ratio i=8 for precision gearboxes with helical gearing from the PSN series (with output shaft) and PSFN (with output flange)

With the current expansion of the product range, Neugart customers have the option of choosing between gearboxes with helical or straight gearing even with a gear ratio i=8. In this way, the respective design-related advantages for this gear ratio can be used even better for specific applications: Planetary gearboxes with helical gearing are characterized by low-noise and highly precise synchronization. This makes them the  right choice for especially demanding applications. In contrast, gearboxes with straight gearing offer a higher power density, especially when it comes to high torques.

Specifically, the new ratio i=8 is available for precision gearboxes with helical gearing having either an output shaft (PSN series) or an output flange (PSFN). The PSN gearbox series has been designed primarily for tasks in which high dynamics and low-noise operation are paramount. The PSFN, on the other hand, with its torsionally stiff flange output shaft, is predestined for highly dynamic applications where positioning accuracy is crucial.

Neugart is one of the few suppliers in the world to offer planetary gearboxes with straight as well as helical gearing. Single-stage gearboxes are used for gear ratios from i=3 to i=10, while two-stage gearboxes are used in the range between i=12 and i=100. All single-stage coaxial precision gearboxes from Neugart are characterized by a low torsional backlash of less than 3 arcmin. This can even be optionally reduced to less than 1 arcmin. This ensures very high positioning accuracy even with changing directions of rotation.

The proprietary software tools TDF and NCP from Neugart help the customer select the perfect gearbox for their application. Both tools are based on a database of more than 18,000 different motors. With just a few clicks, the user can configure the motor-side attachment and retrieve specific dimension sheets and CAD models.

Neugart is the family business among gearbox manufacturers. Established in 1928, the company has always been run by its owners, who are now in their fourth generation. Neugart develops, manufactures, and markets planetary gearboxes and customized gearboxes to customer specifications. The company employs approximately 700 people worldwide, including around 600 at its headquarters in Kippenheim in southern Baden.