MTB adds high-speed chamfer deburring machine for precision gear production

Machine Tool Builders’ fast-growing lineup of world-class gear manufacturing solutions now includes TfG chamfer deburring machines. (Courtesy: Machine Tool Builders)

Machine Tool Builders Inc. (MTB) has added a high-speed, high-precision chamfering and deburring machine to its family of new gear production machines.

The RGC 350 chamfer deburring machine, built by TEC for Gears (TfG), Furtwangen, Germany, uses a high-performance radial gear chamfering (RGC) process to produce a defined, reproducible chamfer on workpieces with diameters and lengths up to 350 mm. The process allows for precise chamfering of external cylindrical gear teeth, and can be applied to workpieces with interfering contours, such as those with multiple gears, shaft attachments and bearing seats.

With the RGC 350, the chamfering process is carried out continuously, in a dry environment using high cutting speeds to deliver very short cycle times. Despite its compact size, the RGC 350 offers a particularly large work area to maximize capacity and simplify load/unload, whether done manually or through integration of automation for continuous machining.

“The RGC 350 is the perfect solution to complement our array of vertical and horizontal hobbing machines, allowing us to meet our customers’ needs for producing burr-free gears with precise chamfers in advance of hard finishing operations downstream,” said MTB director of sales and marketing KC Warren.

In addition to offering TfG chamfering deburring, MTB offers a broad range of new gear manufacturing machinery from leading builders around the world, including HAMAI horizontal hobbing machines, SMG vertical hobbing machines, BURRI generating and profile grinding machines and Donner + Pfister gear inspection systems.