Liebherr offers cutting tools with new material and coating

Liebherr offers a broad range of stock tools available for immediate delivery. (Courtesy: Liebherr)

In order to offer customers more flexibility, Liebherr stock tools are now made as standard from ASP2052 with Alcrona Pro instead of cutting material ASP2030 with a titanium nitride (TIN) coating.

“This is essentially a performance upgrade,” said Haider Arroum, team leader of tool sales at the Ettlingen factory. “The reason is that our customers have to machine increasingly harder materials, such as 42CrMo4 (900 – 1200 N/mm²), for example, and need a higher tool performance as a result. These new materials were seen as somewhat exotic in the past, while these days they are pretty widespread. We opted for this development to ensure that our stock tools offer more flexibility for our customers.”

Thanks to the new material and coating combination, the tool life can be significantly extended. It also facilitates higher cutting speeds in wet and dry machining without negatively affecting tool life.

The changes are the potential cutting speed and the tool life whose quality is markedly improved by the new coating. “We already employ this cutting material and coating combination in other technologies, such as gear skiving. The technology is tried and tested and reliable,” said Arroum. Other coatings and cutting materials are still available as well.

“Our stock tools catalogue enables a delivery speed that, particularly in Europe, few other suppliers can match,” Arroum said. At Liebherr, standard-compliant tools can be ordered from stock via an order form or the online catalogue. Both have been revised and updated.