Klingelnberg Group Once Again Awarded Renowned Documentation Prize


The Klingelnberg Group has received awards for the second year in succession for the quality of its operating instructions. The company received prizes for all four of its submitted operating instructions.

“Due to the technical complexity of our machines, we naturally provide the users with very complex operating instructions, and precisely for this reason it is important to us that these are comprehensibly structured, formulated, and illustrated in accordance with the needs of our target groups,” explains Pascal Kesselmark, Head of Technical Documentation of the Klingelnberg Group.

Tekom (Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation e.V.) had previously awarded the company two prizes in 2011. The operating instructions for four machines were singled out for prizes this year: the Oerlikon spiral bevel gear cutting machine C 50, the Oerlikon tool grinding cell for bar blades B 27, the Oerlikon spiral bevel gear lapping machine L 60, and the Klingelnberg measuring center P 65.

Tekom has been awarding its renowned documentation prize, an independent prize recognizing user and operating instructions for consumer and investment goods as well as online help for software products, since 2005. The reviewers take into account an extensive list of criteria that places special emphasis on: Structure and text, illustrations, design/layout, safety instructions, navigation, scope, and a comparison between the documentation and the actual product. For more information, visit www.dokupreis.de.