KISSsoft Release 2020 offers additional ways to assess gearboxes

KISSsoft Release 2020 provides new calculation methods in addition to the Bertsche calculation method. (Courtesy: KISSsoft)

The new KISSsoft Release 2020 contains numerous innovations — including additional methods for reliability assessment of your gearbox concept. Now that, in addition to safety factors, results in the form of a time-dependent survival probability or reliability are increasingly required, KISSsoft also provides the calculation methods according to AGMA 6006 and VDMA 23904 in addition to the Bertsche calculation method.

The calculation procedure is available for individual damage mechanisms, components, subsystems, and entire gearboxes. This allows, for example, maintenance plans to be created, spare parts inventory to be optimized, or even two gearbox variants to be compared using a holistic approach.

KISSsoft will introduce customers to further release highlights in the future. To stay up to date, register for the KISSsoft News, which will be sent by email approximately every three weeks. If you are already a customer with a maintenance contract, you should have received the update in July.