KISSsoft.AG beta release 2019 gets preview at Hannover Fair

Courtesy: KISSsoft

At the Hannover Messe in early April, attendees took a first look at the latest developments in KISSsoft and KISSsys. The beta version of KISSsoft was scheduled for release for testing on April 12.

KISSsoft has announced some of the new highlights of the next KISSsoft Release 2019, which will be available at the end of June.

  • Concept design on system level.
  • Rolling bearing calculation with connection to SKF cloud.
  • Contact pattern analysis of asymmetrical gears.
  • Crossed helical gear calculation with rack.
  • Feasibility assessment for “Power Skiving.”

Those interested in knowing more about the KISSsoft Release 2019 should note the KISSsoft User Meeting KUM International 2019 will take place on October 23–25, 2019. More details to come.